About Us

MOA International Corp. is a manufacturer and importer of fashion jewelry.
We started business in 1994, an innovator in the jewelry industry.
As the first company with its own design team, we wanted to introduce our own unique style to the market.
Through the years, we have recognized the need to stand out from the competition. With a distinctive focus on quality, the brand ICON was born.
The headquarters of Moa Int’l Corp. relocated in 2002 to a 50.000+ sq. feet facility in the state of New Jersey, opening our own factory with over 1,300 employees to produce and import directly for our customers.
Our sales teams have been trained to provide you with the best customer service. Our goal consists not only in how much they sell, but how much they care about our customers and promote their business growth.
MOA Int’l Corp. is constantly working to reach our goal of providing you top design, better quality and excellent customer service at the lowest price.
We at MOA Int’l Corp. would like to thank you for your support. We care about you !